3D Scanning Dentistry Price: The cost of three-dimensional precision.

O escaneamento 3D tem se tornado uma revolução na odontologia moderna, permitindo aos profissionais obterem resultados precisos e eficientes no diagnóstico, planejamento e tratamento dos pacientes. Com a tecnologia avançada do escaneamento tridimensional, é possível capturar a imagem digital da boca e seus arredores, criando modelos virtuais dos dentes e tecidos para análises detalhadas e […]

3D scanning has become a revolution in modern dentistry, allowing professionals to obtain accurate and efficient results in diagnosing, planning and treating patients. With advanced three-dimensional scanning technology, it is possible to capture a digital image of the mouth and its surroundings, creating virtual models of teeth and tissues for detailed analyzes and personalized procedures.

Advantages of 3D Scanning in Dentistry

3D scanning has brought a series of benefits to dental professionals, improving the quality of diagnoses and treatments. Below we will highlight some of the most significant advantages:

1. Accuracy and Detail

With 3D scanning, it is possible to obtain detailed and accurate images of teeth, gums and bones. This allows dentists to identify problems more assertively and plan treatment in a personalized way for each patient.

2. Error Reduction

Three-dimensional scanning eliminates the margin of error present in conventional impressions. With scanning, it is possible to avoid distortions and guarantee results that are more faithful to reality, guaranteeing a solid foundation for the success of dental treatment.

3. Speed in the Process

While traditional impressions require time to create the molds and send them to the laboratory, 3D scanning speeds up the process. Digital capture is quick and, in many cases, allows procedures to be started during the same appointment.

4. Better Communication between Professionals

Three-dimensional scanning enables more efficient communication between dentists, orthodontists, implant dentists and other dental professionals. Digital models can be shared instantly, facilitating collaboration and planning for complex cases.

5. Comfort for the Patient

3D scanning eliminates the need for invasive impressions using silicone or alginate masses. This provides more comfort to the patient, reducing the feeling of discomfort and anxiety during the procedure.

The Cost of 3D Scanning in Dentistry

The price of 3D scanning in dentistry varies depending on several factors, such as geographic location, complexity of the case and technology used by the professional/dental office. Therefore, it is not possible to establish a fixed price for the procedure.

However, it is important to understand that 3D scanning, despite having an initial cost, can generate savings in the long term. With the precision of digital models, rework and extra expenses with re-molding are minimized, resulting in a more efficient and satisfactory treatment.

Furthermore, it is essential to look for specialized professionals and dental clinics with experience in using 3D scanning. Choosing a qualified professional will guarantee an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment, maximizing the results achieved.


3D scanning has become an essential tool in modern dentistry, providing professionals with the ability to offer more accurate, efficient and personalized treatments to their patients. The advantages of three-dimensional technology are undeniable, guaranteeing superior results and reducing costs in the long term.

Therefore, if you are looking for excellent dental treatment, consider 3D scanning as an option. Despite the initial cost, the accuracy, speed and quality of the results will be worth every penny invested.

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