Complete diagnosis: Digital check-up in dentistry

Introdução No mundo digital, é essencial que profissionais da área de odontologia acompanhem as tendências e inovações tecnológicas para garantir um diagnóstico completo e preciso. Nesse sentido, o check-up digital em odontologia se torna uma ferramenta indispensável, permitindo uma análise minuciosa da saúde bucal por meio de recursos tecnológicos avançados.Tenha todas as informações que você […]


In the digital world, it is essential that dental professionals keep up with technological trends and innovations to ensure a complete and accurate diagnosis. In this sense, digital check-ups in dentistry become an indispensable tool, allowing a thorough analysis of oral health through advanced technological resources.

What is a digital check-up in dentistry?

A digital check-up in dentistry is a procedure that uses technologies such as digital x-rays, 3D computed tomography, intraoral photographs and other digital resources to assess the patient's oral health. These tools offer more accurate diagnoses and help plan dental treatments, providing more effective and safe results.

Advantages of digital check-up in dentistry

Using digital check-ups in dentistry brings several advantages to both professionals and patients. Some of them are:

  • Accurate diagnosis: With the use of digital technologies, professionals can identify problems more precisely, detecting diseases and conditions that could go unnoticed in traditional exams.
  • Treatment planning: The digital check-up facilitates the planning of dental procedures, allowing the professional to assess the patient's situation in more detail and determine the best path forward to ensure effective treatment.
  • Increased security: With more accurate results, the treatment is carried out safer, avoiding rework and minimizing possible complications.
  • Advanced technology: The use of digital resources brings a modern image to the dental office, transmitting trust and credibility to patients.

How is a digital check-up performed in dentistry?

The digital check-up in dentistry is carried out in stages, using different technologies and digital resources. Among the main stages, the following stand out:

1. Digital anamnesis

Digital anamnesis consists of collecting information about the patient's oral health through electronic questionnaires. These questionnaires can address medical history, eating habits, medication use, among other relevant aspects.

2. Digital x-rays

Digital x-rays are performed using digital x-ray machines, which offer high-quality images and less exposure to radiation. These x-rays allow a detailed analysis of the tooth structure, jaw bones and other structures in the oral cavity.

3. 3D CT scan

3D computed tomography is an advanced technology that provides three-dimensional images of the skull, face and oral structures. These images are essential for an accurate diagnosis of problems such as dental anomalies, tumors, cysts and infections.

4. Intraoral photographs

Intraoral photographs are taken using special digital cameras, which capture high-resolution images of the oral cavity. These photographs are useful for documenting the progress of treatments, recording specific details and facilitating communication between the professionals involved.

5. Intraoral scanner

The intraoral scanner is a device that captures digital images of the dental arch and related structures. These images are used to create 3D digital models, facilitating the planning of prosthetics, implants and other treatments.


Digital check-ups in dentistry represent an advance in the area of oral health, providing more accurate diagnoses and more efficient treatment planning. With the use of advanced technologies, professionals can offer patients safer and quality care. Therefore, it is essential that dental professionals are updated and prepared to use these tools to benefit patients' health.

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