Clear images: Digital dental radiology

Radiologia odontológica digital A radiologia odontológica é uma especialidade que utiliza técnicas de imagem para diagnosticar e tratar problemas relacionados aos dentes e às estruturas adjacentes. Com os avanços da tecnologia, surgiu a radiologia odontológica digital, que apresenta diversas vantagens em relação às técnicas convencionais.Aprenda Odontologia Digital em MeshmixerDescubra como utilizar Meshmixer para aprimorar seus […]

Digital dental radiology

Dental radiology is a specialty that uses imaging techniques to diagnose and treat problems related to teeth and surrounding structures. With advances in technology, digital dental radiology emerged, which has several advantages over conventional techniques.

Key benefits of digital dental radiology

Digital dental radiology has brought a series of benefits to professionals in the field and to patients. Some of the key benefits include:

1. Clear, high-quality images

One of the main differentiators of digital dental radiology is the clear, high-quality images that can be obtained. These images allow for a more accurate and detailed diagnosis, helping professionals identify and treat oral problems more efficiently.

2. Reducing radiation exposure

Digital dental radiology uses lower doses of radiation compared to conventional techniques. This means that patients are exposed to less risk during radiographic examinations, making this option safer and less harmful to patients' health.

3. Agility in diagnosis

With digital dental radiology, exam results are obtained quickly, usually within a few minutes. This speeds up the diagnosis and treatment process, allowing professionals to have accurate information more quickly, which can be fundamental to the success of the treatment.

4. Easy Storage and Sharing

Digital dental radiology allows images to be stored in digital format, which makes them easier to store and share. This way, it is possible to send the images to other professionals or archive them in a safe and accessible way, avoiding loss or damage to information.


Digital dental radiology provides clear, high-quality images, reduces radiation exposure, speeds diagnosis, and facilitates image storage and sharing. These benefits make this technique indispensable for professionals in the field who seek to improve their diagnoses and offer excellent treatment to patients.

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