Digital RX: The revolution in dental radiology

digital rx dental radiology

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Digital Dental Radiology: The Future of Dentistry

Digitization has revolutionized several areas of our lives, and dentistry could not be different. Digital dental radiology is an evolution of traditional dental X-rays, bringing numerous benefits to patients and professionals in the field.

Advantages of Digital Dental Radiology

1. Accuracy in diagnoses: Digital radiography allows a more detailed visualization of dental and bone structures, helping the dentist to identify problems and plan treatment.

2. Agility and practicality: Unlike traditional X-rays, which need to be developed and can take time for the results to be ready, digital radiography is instantaneous. The result can be viewed immediately on the computer, making it faster for the patient and the dentist.

3. Reduced radiation exposure: With digital radiology, the amount of radiation emitted is significantly lower compared to conventional X-rays, ensuring greater safety for the patient.

4. Easy storage and sharing: Digital images can be easily stored on computers and servers, eliminating the need for physical space for files and facilitating access to exams for future consultation and sharing with other professionals.

5. Ecologically sustainable: Digital radiography eliminates the need to use chemicals in the development process, contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Applications of Digital Dental Radiology

Digital dental radiology is widely used in several areas of dentistry, such as:

1. Diagnosis of lesions: Through digital radiography, it is possible to detect caries lesions, periodontal lesions, cysts, tumors and other bone anomalies.

2. Dental implant planning: With digital radiography, the dentist can accurately assess the quantity and quality of bone available for the placement of dental implants, in addition to planning their position.

3. Orthodontics: Orthodontic appliances benefit from digital radiography to study facial growth and development, evaluate bone structures and positioning of teeth.

4. Endodontics: In root canal treatments, digital radiography is used to identify canals, evaluate their permeability and alignment.


Digital dental radiology has brought a series of benefits to dentistry, allowing for more accurate diagnoses, faster results, reduced exposure to radiation, ease of storage and sharing, in addition to being ecologically sustainable. It is a technology that is here to stay and continue to revolutionize dentistry.

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