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digital dentistry mockup

Mockup Digital Odontologia: Mockup digital odontologia é uma ferramenta que tem sido amplamente utilizada no campo da odontologia para ajudar no planejamento, criação e visualização de procedimentos dentários. Essa técnica permite que os profissionais simulem digitalmente o resultado desejado do tratamento odontológico antes mesmo de executá-lo.Aprenda Odontologia Digital em Meshmixer!Curso online completo para dentistas interessados […]

Digital Dentistry Mockup:

Digital dentistry mockup is a tool that has been widely used in the field of dentistry to help with planning, creating and visualizing dental procedures. This technique allows professionals to digitally simulate the desired result of dental treatment before even carrying it out.

Benefits of using digital mockups in dentistry:

The use of digital mockups in dentistry brings several benefits to both professionals and patients. Below are some of these benefits:

Facilitates communication with the patient:

One of the main benefits of mockup digital in dentistry is the facilitation of communication with the patient. By presenting a visual project of the expected result of the treatment, professionals are able to clearly and objectively convey the changes that will be made in their mouth, facilitating the patient's understanding and decision-making.

Allows you to test different treatment options:

With digital mockups, professionals can test different treatment options before carrying out any intervention on the patient. This allows simulations and evaluations of the results of each option to be carried out, enabling the choice of the most appropriate one for each specific case.

Reduces errors and rework:

The use of digital mockups also contributes to reducing errors and rework during the dental procedure. By digitally simulating the treatment, it is possible to identify possible problems and correct them before starting any procedure on the patient, thus avoiding errors that could compromise the final result and patient satisfaction.

Sets realistic expectations:

Another benefit of the digital mockup is the ability to set realistic expectations for both professionals and patients. By visualizing the expected result of the treatment, those involved have a clear and objective vision of what will be achieved, avoiding future frustrations and disagreements.

Facilitates treatment planning:

With digital mockups, professionals can plan dental treatment more efficiently. Each step of the procedure can be planned in detail, from the initial steps to the final result. This allows for a more organized and efficient workflow, reducing treatment time and increasing patient satisfaction.


The use of digital mockups in dentistry brings significant benefits to both professionals and patients. This tool facilitates communication, allows you to test different treatment options, reduces errors and rework, establishes realistic expectations and facilitates treatment planning. With the advancement of technology, more and more professionals are adopting this technique to add value to their services and provide more satisfactory results for patients.

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